Year: 4 AT (2024 AD) (After Trump)

In a fictional world where I become the benevolent dictator of the USA, after winning an election against Trump in 2020, where I was granted special executive power to make sweeping changes to “The System”, it might go along the lines of this.

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Bah Humbug

I hate Christmas.  There, I said it.

When you say these words, people immediate call you Scrooge McGrumpyface and go on about why Christmas is so wonderful.  While I can see the appeal to many, I know from the more discrete talks I’ve had, that it’s also a source of misery to so many others. Personally, I believe your love or hate of Christmas comes from your experience as a child.  Sure, your adult life can change that view in time, but that initial feeling of joy or dread stems from your earliest experiences. Continue reading

Women are afraid of us because they need to be

There has been a lot of breaking news lately about sexual assaults, rapes, and general harassment, from the Hollywood crowd, politicians, athletes, etc.  Of course, it’s the celebrity news that grabs the headlines but this isn’t limited to famous people only.  With the recent #MeToo hashtag running around Twitter and Facebook, I was shocked at how many people I knew personally who had either been raped or been sexually assaulted. Continue reading

Las Vegas Shooting – Well Deserved, America

So, here we are again. Another mass shooting, another argument about gun control. Will we ever tire of this pattern?  Somehow, I don’t think so.  You see, America’s most violent political party is heavily invested in the sale of guns and the control of Washington, DC. You think I’m referring to the GOP?  Nope.  This political party is the National Rifle Association – the NRA.  Don’t for a moment think that they’re not a political party just because they don’t officially have any Senators or Congressmen.  Don’t be a fool.

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Words Matter

We have this ability to for very complex sounds to portray specific meanings with context, color, and emotion and yet we are frequently too lazy to use them.  Education counts for some of this, as does North America’s relatively young age with mixed nationalities, however, much of this is a result of ignorance, lack of caring, and the influx of technology into day-to-day communication. Communication and the ability to speak is what sets us apart from the animals. Ok, it’s probably a little more scientific than that, but trust me… I’m a doctor. (I’m not a doctor). Continue reading

Chelsea Manning

Well, Chelsea Manning is in the news again and it seems there is still some confusion as to whether she’s a “good guy” or “bad guy”. Let’s be clear, the issues of her releasing classified information and her being a trans woman are two different subjects.  While she is entitled to all of the rights and freedoms any other citizen of the US would be, she was still found guilty under the Espionage Act.  The fact the President Obama commuted her sentence does not change that fact.

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